Race 4 - Day 12
Skipper Report
29 November

James Finney
James Finney
Team Zhuhai
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Hello everyone!

It’s been a difficult 48hrs on Zhuhai with us struggling to set the boat up well for the conditions, as the wind where we were varied from 40knots to 17knots almost constantly.

Our precious lead that we had built in sacrificing the points in the Scoring Gate have gone as the boats up there have come thundering down on us. However, as of the last sched we are still out in front (by the wispiest of whiskers) and we are up and running now with 2581nm still to go, so it's very far from run and the crew have absolutely smashed it again, coping with the trickier conditions admirably.

Hopefully, we should stay in this weather for a while, and we are making outrageous progress in it.

That's all from me I'm going to bed! Mike is out there leading the charge at the moment, and looking at the screens in the nav station, doing quite a good job of it.

All the best from the crew, Mike and myself