Race 4 - Day 2
Skipper Report
19 November

James Finney
James Finney
Team Zhuhai
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Hello every body! We're back on the road again after what was a particularly nice stopover in Cape Town.

What a fantastic city (would very much recommend) with enough time that crew managed to get some much-needed rest and do some sightseeing. Although, I think many will be returning as it seems there is just so much to see and do.

After an exciting start (heading towards the line only to realise you’re the only boat on port and have to avoid the ten other boats) we immediately and slowly dribbled into our first wind hole, probably slowed by the many, many animals' worth of biltong we've got onboard.

With the wind dying across the fleet, conditions resembled that of the V&A Waterfront marina with all the boats very close together and not moving. Happily, though, we are moving at a reasonable pace and as I keep reminding the crew, pretty soon we might miss being in a nice flat wind hole! It’s a great way to start really as it allows new and old crew alike to settle in.

The mood is good, and the boat (I think) is sailing fast!All the best from the crew, Mike and myself!