Dare To Lead

Dare To Lead is an exciting first-time Team Partner in the Clipper 2017-18 Race. It will be unique among the Clipper Race fleet in that it will be promoting an inspirational concept rather than any particular organisation or geographical location.

Dare To Lead has been founded by former Clipper Race crew member, Dirk van Daele, who says:“When a team of people from varied backgrounds – privileged or not, experienced or novice, of any age, race or culture – grows together through this unique sailing adventure, we believe that each individual participant will unlock their own potential to become a leader and a force for good in their personal lives, at work and in their communities.”

Sailing under the flag of teamwork, determination and leadership, Dare To Lead aims to inspire its diverse crew of racers. It seeks to help them apply the life skills learnt during this ocean adventure to become catalysts for positive change in their personal lives, professional careers and social communities.

Dirk adds: “Corporations recognise that in each individual lies the potential to achieve greatness, and they believe that the racers who have the courage to join a round-the-world yachting adventure have the potential to be successful and become leaders in their own right.”

Dare To Lead also features the welcome return of the Rainbow Foundation Ambassadors. While the concept will have a global reach, one of the focus points will be South Africa where the message will strike a chord with the emerging corporate companies. Seattle, home to world-leading tech companies, is another focus point.