A great light goes out in the world

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‘A great light goes out in the world’ as the Clipper Race Sapinda Rainbow Project will continue on with Mandela’s legacy.

At 20:50 Local time in Johannesburg, South Africa President Jacob Zuma announced the death of Nelson Mandela - the former president of South Africa who passed away peacefully in his sleep, aged 95.

His death was announced just minutes after the UK premiere of the highly anticipated film of the year - Long Walk to Freedom, a story of his inspirational life which was held in Leicester Square, London.

The news comes as the Clipper Race celebrated its association with a unique project which has taken eight young South Africans from across the country, to develop young community leaders of the future and raise international awareness and funds for the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital.

Tributes from across the world have been flooding the airwaves with the Prime Minister, David Cameron paying a poignant tribute - "A great light has gone out in the world. Nelson Mandela was a hero of our time."

The Sapinda Rainbow Project had the honour of meeting Zindzi Mandela in Johannesburg. During the Cape Town stopover for Leg 2 the winning candidates also visited the iconic Robben Island, where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 18 years of his 27 year sentence.

For the ambassadors, the visit to the prison was a poignant tribute to Madiba, as he is more commonly known, as they were born in the revolutionary years that the South African icon was released from prison, elected as president and went on to establish the fund.

The eight ambassadors will continue to fly the flag for Nelson Mandela’s legacy and continue to be an example of the strength of the youth of the country.

This week the Invest Africa entry left Albany in Western Australia to race its fellow competitors to Sydney to take part in the iconic Rolex Sydney – Hobart Race.  On board the Australian leg is Sapinda Rainbow Project ambassador Masibulele Libaya, a 22 year-old from Orkney, South Africa. 

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