A year ago today: The Roaring Forties live up to their reputation

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"No skipper likes to be woken up to find his boat sailing, on her side, backwards down waves in the pitch black at a fair speed," explained Ben Bowley, 28 skipper of Singapore entry who recalled a terrifying situation he found himself in the early hours of the morning following an accidental gybe.

Eventual overall victors, Gold Coast Australia, were beginning to pull away from the rest of the fleet as the Roaring Forties proved they deserve their reputation as strong westerlies materialised across the board.

Richard Hewson, skipper of Gold Coast Australia, said his team had enjoyed a "fantastic day's run" as they extended their lead.

"This time yesterday the ocean was like a mirror and there was not even enough wind for the albatross to fly. Now we are flying downwind under full main and a poled-out Yankee 2 surfing waves in an ocean that is more like the Southern Ocean," he said.

Click here to watch footage from the Southern Ocean leg.

The Clipper Round the World Yacht Race is a unique event, offering everyday people the opportunity to achieve something remarkable.

Berths are filling fast for the next edition of the race, Clipper 13-14, which will begin during the summer of 2013.

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