Calling all Chinese adventurers

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Over 40 nationalities will be represented in the next edition of the Clipper Race, which starts summer 2013 and David is searching for Chinese-based crew. 

“The Clipper Race has always had a strong Chinese presence in terms of a yacht entry, crew taking part as well as the following and welcome the race receives when arriving in Qingdao,” explains David, a round the world crew member himself in 2002.

The Olympic sailing city of Qingdao will again boast an entry in the world’s longest yacht race, the fifth time the Chinese city will be represented around the world.

David will be hosting a recruitment presentation at the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club on the 12 November at 1900 and will be in Qingdao from 13-16 November.

On board the Chinese entry during the last edition of the Clipper Race was, Vicky Song.

A 29-year-old sailing enthusiast from Qingdao, Vicky, decided to take on the adventure of a lifetime; swapping her everyday life for the thrill of participating in the world’s longest ocean race.

In search of a new challenge Vicky Song, a Sailing Regatta Commentator and a keen sailor from Qingdao, decided to swap her day job for the adrenaline of helming an ocean racing yacht in some of the world’s most challenging conditions.

“I signed up for Leg 8 of the race because I wanted to learn more about big yacht sailing and ocean racing,” said Vicky. 

“I did dinghy sailing before but I wanted to learn more about crossing an ocean and competitive sailing with a full crew.”

Vicky added, “It is hard to choose what the highlight of the race was. Learning to sail was so much fun. Helming was amazing and sharing the experience with so many people that became your friends, people from everywhere from all walks of life. In port you meet up and you know all these great people that you have so much fun with. After a really big storm, when you see the sunshine - it’s hard to explain, but it’s a great experience.”

Despite being a keen amateur sailor, Vicky recalls her biggest achievement from the race was the impact it had on her own resilience, “I’ve become tougher and made lots of new friends along the way. I’ve always believed that you should live your life to the full – the race just reaffirmed that for me.”

The Clipper Race is a unique event, offering anyone the opportunity to pit themselves against Mother Nature and some of the most challenging conditions on the planet. No previous sailing experience is needed.

Crew members taking part in the Clipper 13-14 Race will go down in history as the first to race the Clipper 70s round the world. 12 brand new 70-foot ocean racers will debut in the next edition of the race. The Clipper 70s, the third generation of Clipper Race yacht promise faster speed records as they complete the 40,000-mile adventure.

David will be hosting a recruitment presentation at the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club on the 12 November at 1900 and will be in Qingdao from 13-16 November. To find out more, email David here:


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