Fleet ceases racing due to light winds and strong tides

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The fleet ceased racing today at 1500 UTC following a decision to shorten the course due to prevailing conditions.

This will enable yachts to reach Brest tomorrow (Thursday) afternoon local time.

Race Director Justin Taylor explained: “At 1200 UTC today I emailed the fleet with instructions on shortening the course.  This is because the forecast for the next 24 hours is for very light winds.  This coupled with the fact that the majority of the fleet are in an area known as the Alderney Race which is subject to very strong tides.  This means that they would be left with the prospect of anchoring to stop them losing ground.”

At 1500 UTC (1700 local) the yachts ceased racing and are in the process of emailing their positions to the Race Office.  The Race Director will use these positions to calculate the rhumb line distance to Creac’h Lighthouse on Ushant.  The yacht with the shortest distance to this lighthouse will be provisionally awarded 1st place until the position can be verified using a photograph that the skippers take of the time and their position.

This position to the lighthouse may vary slightly from the places shown to Brest on the Race Viewer. This story will be updated with the results as soon as they are verified.

Justin Taylor added: “Once they have ceased racing they will make best possible speed to Brest by motor-sailing.  I anticipate the first arrivals tomorrow at 1200 UTC or 1400 local time.”

Provisional finishing positions to follow. 


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