Global digital media company sails into San Francisco to join Invest Africa as official partner

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Today, digital media company RNTS Media announced its official partnership of the Invest Africa entry of the Clipper 13-14 Race at South Beach Yacht Club in San Francisco.

The company is the leader in all-in-one cloud-based broadcasting and video-on-demand platform and educational and youth entertainment content, developing highly popular gaming apps for mobile use.  Launching in the US market, the company is pursuing acquisition of relevant US companies and content across the United States.

The Clipper Race and Invest Africa partnership is a great platform for global expansion to attract international partners in to new continents such as Africa, a rapidly growing continent where practically all digital communication is via mobile, creating a natural growth area for the company.

The announcement today was attended by RNTS new US board member, California-based film producer and financier Ryan Kavanaugh (Founder & CEO, Relativity Media) and Guy Dubois (Chairman, SecureAlert). They were joined by South Korean RNTS Media CEO Jai Paik and RNTS board member Dirk Van Daele for a tour and sail in the bay on board the 70-foot ocean racer that has crossed over 30,678 miles of ocean since leaving London last September. 

RNTS board member, Dirk Van Daele said: “We thought a partnership with the Invest Africa sponsored team in the Clipper Race is an exciting and great way to be linked to Africa as an expanding market. They skipped the fixed landline moving straight into mobility. The smartphone usage is coming into the forefront in the African continent very quickly and is a very interesting and a potential huge market for our company.”