Hobart to Brisbane race restart delayed by 24 hours

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Race 7 from Hobart to Brisbane will be delayed by 24 hours until 1700 local time on 2 January 2014.  This is due to the rudder bearing issue that caused Henri Lloyd to retire from Race 6, the RSHYR.  The problem has also been discovered on PSP Logistics but to a lesser degree than Henri Lloyd.  Both yachts were hauled out this morning at Prince of Wales Bay in the Derwent River.  Both rudders on each yacht have been removed and new rudder bearings are being manufactured. 

We are currently planning that the yachts will be relaunched with the tide on the morning of 2 January.

The race will restart at 1700 off Constitution Dock, Hobart with boats slipping lines from 1530. There will be no Parade of Sail.

Due to the delay in restarting from Hobart it is anticipated that the yachts will now arrive in Brisbane between 9 and 10 January.  The race restart will be on 12 January.  This should not affect the arrival window in Singapore of 8 to 9 February.