Keeping cool in sweltering conditions

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Temperatures have been blistering in Leg 1 with the sun constantly beating down, no wind flow and minimum squalls to cool them down in the Doldrums, and the heat crossing the Equator - keeping refreshed and clean can be a challenge for the Clipper Race crews having spent more than three weeks at sea.

Before leaving the UK, Richard Greer (Switzerland Leg 4 and 8 crew member) secured a supply of 500 packs of Huggies Wet Wipes from his employers, manufacturer Kimberly-Clark, to help his team tackle the issue. 

Switzerland round the world crew member Chris Paxton explained how they have come in handy: “ In the Doldrums the temperatures were in the 30s, the refreshing wind disappeared, the boat was going nowhere fast and it's over 1,000 miles till the next shower.  Conditions are certainly proving hot and sweaty."

“The two heads (toilets) on the boat are kept stocked with a packet each so any crew member who wants a quick face wash or a full body clean can pop in and use them.

“It's not quite the same as a shower - washing your hair is still not possible - but the wet wipes are a useful tool to keep morale up, prevent skin problems and stay as fresh as possiblel!”

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