Mission Performance crew experience a different kind of water

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Past and future Mission Performance crew members took part in a whitewater rafting team building weekend on the River Dart in Devon this weekend. 

Justin Featherstone from yacht sponsor Mission Performance arranged a day running the five miles of classic Class 2 and 3, known as The Loop with seven crew members of Mission Performance. 

Leg 7 and 8 crew member Jax Wentworth organised an active weekend away to develop new relationships and sustain previous ones across the crew. 

Deb Pinniger, a whitewater coach and former World Kayak Freestyle Champion, and Zach Bassett of CRS Adventures, joined the crew along with Karen Dean of Mission Performance. 

Jax said: “It was a great opportunity for people that have been on the boat and for people yet to go, to be challenged and work as a team in an exciting environment. Deb and Zach were fantastic instructors that were enthusiastic and knowledgeable and provided a wonderful day of activity.” 

Half the group had already completed their respective legs of the race but the remainder will be joining the boat at one of the remaining ports. 

The group used duckies and two person inflatable kayaks, with the three coaches in individual kayaks providing coaching and safety. The river started with gentle whitewater but soon became more lively, testing the crews as they negotiated their way through rocks, over drops and through rapids such as The Washing Machine and Lovers Leap.

As part of the day, the also had to construct their own rope crossing over the river before completing two further tasks involving pipes and symbols respectively on the other side. 

Leg 2 crew member Martin Ritchie said : “It’s been exciting, full of fun, a great outdoor experience and a totally uplifting day.” 

Leg 2, 6 and 7 crew member Peter Wilcock said: “It was great to get the crew together as some people will join the boat not having seen the rest of the team since Race Start in London. It was a great opportunity for us to get to know each other better in an exciting environment.”