Provisional Results of Race 1

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The Race Director has announced the provisional results of Race 1. Documentary evidence will have to be reviewed on arrival to confirm positions. In addition two teams received time penalties for infringing the Dover Traffic Separation Scheme (TSS). This resulted in Mission Performance and Old Pulteney slipping from potential podium places in second and third respectively to the bottom of the table.

This adjustment means that Invest Africa takes line honours and wins the race by just under 5 miles from GREAT Britain, who finished second beating Qingdao, in third, by only 0.07 miles. 

It was even closer between Henri Lloyd and Derry~Londonderry~Doire who tied for eighth.  Even though they were separated by several miles on the water both their distances to the waypoint used to determine the finishing order when the race was shortened were identical. 

Regarding the penalties, Race Director Justin Taylor explained: “Although Mission Performance and Old Pulteney finished second and third respectively, they both admitted to infringing the Dover TSS, and as per the Course Instructions have both been given a 6 hour time penalty plus an added time penalty for not returning to the position of the infringement before starting to re-race.

“This resulted in a 7 hour 20 minute penalty of Old Pulteney and a nine hour penalty for Mission Performance, putting them at the bottom of the table. It will be very tough on the teams but an important lesson that the Course Instructions must be followed to the letter.”

The final provisional results are therefore as follows:

1. Invest Africa
2. Great Britain
3. Qingdao
4. Team Garmin
5. PSP Logistics
6. OneDLL
7. Switzerland
8. Henri Lloyd
8. Derry~Londonderry~Doire
10. Jamaica
11. Old Pulteney*
12. Mission Performance*