PSP Logistics delivers Australian crew safely onto home soil

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PSP Logistics, crewed by a predominantly Australian crew and skipper, has arrived onto home soil in Western Australia after a particularly gruelling and relentless leg through the Southern Ocean.

The team, made up of amateur crew predominantly from New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria, finished in seventh place and is currently third overall.

It crossed the finish line near Albany Waterfront Marina at  05.27 UTC, 13.27 local time.

Its Sydney-based skipper Chris Hollis said: “That was an epic leg and what my crew has achieved is remarkable as it was incredibly challenging out there. One of the storms we faced was bigger than we thought it was going to be, but we managed to stay racing and escape unscathed. 

“We also managed to smash the 300 mile a day Clipper Race record and we are delighted to be back on home soil for five days before the next leg so we can celebrate everything we have overcome.”

Queensland crew member Nigel Brennan said: “Crossing the Southern Ocean was incredibly tough. At times there was snow on the deck and 100 knots of wind, but we were too busy working to be frightened.

“The Clipper Race has been an amazing experience so far and everyone has pushed themselves to their limits and achieved things they never thought they were capable of.”