PSP Logistics resumes racing after crew member medevaced off yacht

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PSP Logistics crew member Angie Faulkner has been medevaced off the yacht following an injury sustained when she fell into the cockpit on her arm.

The skipper Chris Hollis took the decision to divert to Kagoshima Wan (on the southern tip of Japan) and the Leg 6 crew member was medevaced off the yacht after going alongside a dock at 02:00 UTC. She was then taken to hospital in Kagoshima for assessment on her arm. The initial diagnosis was of a dislocated shoulder. 

Praxes, the Clipper Race’s medical partner, was contacted at the time of the incident.

em>PSP Logistics returned to the spot where it fist engaged the engine and has now resumed racing.  The clock will not stop for the elapsed time calculation.