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PSP Logistics has decided to retire from Race 7 to Brisbane as a safety precaution following a failure of the deck around the base of the starboard running backstay, which means they can no longer tension it.

Race Director Justin Taylor explained: “This means that they cannot realistically sail on starboard tack as the mast will not be supported.  The skipper reports that a jury rig will not work and allow sailing at the same time. 

“After considering the options including the strong northerly wind forecast for later today skipper has taken the decision to retire from Race 7 and proceed to Brisbane at best speed.” 

Skipper Chris Hollis reported in his official statement of retirement: “This decision is based on good seamanship to deliver PSP Logistics to Brisbane as fast as we can in the safest manner to prevent more damage to the yacht and rigging and her crew.

“We are all, especially myself, bitterly disappointed, but understand it is the right decision.”