Race 10 day 16: Distance to finish falls below 2,000 miles in mighty Pacific Ocean crossing

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Spirits are high as good speeds are made towards San Francisco and the distance to finish fell below 2,000 miles.

The main pack is power reaching in 30 to 35 knots of wind and surf towards San Francisco, and pointing directly east towards the finish line for the first time.

GREAT Britain has held onto its first place, with Invest Africa 15 miles behind in second and Qingdao moving up into in third, currently 19 miles ahead of Henri Lloyd.

Gareth Glover, skipper of Qingdao, said: “Speeds and headings have been up and down over the day. Last night we saw the wind ease off enough for us to change headsails and get a better angle and speed towards San Francisco which has helped us close down the miles on the lead yachts in a race that we now have under 2,000 miles to run.”

Mission Performance skipper Matt Mitchell said the lull his team is in at the moment won't last too much longer. “I am expecting to be in the grips of a gale once again in a few hours’ time.

“We have used the time today to get the deck reset and some essential tidying done down below in preparation for the next blow. Our progress is being hampered somewhat by our reduced sail wardrobe but we are making the best of it in true Mission Performance style.”

Meanwhile PSP Logistics, which started racing two days after the rest of the fleet from Qingdao, China is now in tenth place after 13 days comparative elapsed racing.

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