Race 11 Day 17: PSP Logistics Panama 100 Cup draws to a close

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After an extremely tense climax yesterday which saw GREAT Britain take line honours in Race 11, the second half of the fleet continues to battle light winds and variable conditions as the PSP Logistics Panama 100 Cup draws to a close.

With less than 20 miles to the finish line, the wind is only between 3 and 4 knots, hampering progress for Switzerland, OneDLL and Derry~Londonderry~Doire as all three teams battle it out for sixth place. Skipper of Switzerland, Vicky Ellis describes the frustrating conditions in her skipper report today.  

“The gentle winds that gave us slow but steady progress overnight petered out as dawn broke.  What little progress we have had today since has been made by short 20 minute blasts off the edges of huge rainy squall clouds that pass by.  The crew would watch as some clouds would pass tantalisingly close yet the wind was just out of reach.”

Meanwhile, the title sponsor of Race 11, PSP Logistics, is embroiled in its very own battle with Mission Performance and Qingdao as the team does all it can to keep its nearest competitors at bay.  Skipper, Chris Hollis explains:  “Qingdao has sailed beautifully today in the light weather and managed to position itself to windward of us, covering us all afternoon. It was a very frustrating day.

“We had decent progress until midnight last night, and then we stopped. That was the beginning of Qingdao hunting us down. They have been only seven miles away from us all day, but it was enough for them to get the wind first on each occasion.”

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