Race 3, Day 15: Final three push into Cape Town

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With nine yachts now safely berthed in Cape Town, just three boats remain at sea pushing as hard as they can to complete Race 3.

Earlier in the race, Qingdao and Jamaica Get All Right headed further north than the rest of the fleet to go for the valuable extra Scoring Gate points on offer.

Tactically, the risk didn’t pay off in the end, with the two yachts experiencing lighter winds as they headed south. Qingdao is in twelfth position and due in tomorrow late afternoon and Jamaica Get All Right tenth place and due in this evening.

Mission Performance is still racing in eleventh position and is due in during the early hours of tomorrow.

Jamaica Get All Right skipper Pete Stirling, in tenth position, said he was disappointed but his crew had sailed very well and were consistently matched.

“It comes down to tactics. I made the decision to stay north and go for the Scoring Gate which, at the time, looked like a good call but the weather didn't pan out quite as forecast. We got three points from the Scoring Gate so that's one bonus at least. The crew have developed tremendously and are becoming seasoned ocean racers.”

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