Race 3 Day 8:  Still all to play for as teams shake up leaderboard in last 24 hours

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It has been a game of cat and mouse in the last 24 hours as the fleet shake up the leaderboard following tactics that have seen the twelve teams spread out on a wider course in the race to Cape Town.

Whilst the teams furthest to the north, Jamaica Get All Right and Qingdao remain at the bottom of the leaderboard and Team Garmin and PSP Logistics hold first and second place respectively. Those choosing to head further south in search for more favourable winds are hot on their heels and GREAT Britain and Invest Africa have stormed up the leaderboard into third and fourth place.

Switzerland skipper Vicky Ellis weighs up the tactics of the fleet: “It's Saturday night, which party do we go to?  Up in the north side of town is a party on offer, invites are out and all the cool people are going to be there, dress codes is smart (full mains and windseekers are in order), big shades are on, the boats are kept flat so the cocktails don't spill and the breeze is low so as not to blow the nice updos of the guests.

“The tempting invitation is on the pinboard but we could do the next option, the mainstream night out, Club Trades, it’s a big club and it’s just round the corner so close and easy.  But the tunes are getting cheesy, the floor is a bit sticky and it's slowing our moves.  It's all a bit too familiar and well, unexciting.

“Or we could go to the other side of town, the wrong side of town, there is a club called the Albatross club, the door is unmarked but every sailor knows where to find it.  The walls are dark, bar is high and the drinks are short.  There is no dress code, just roll you sleeves up and put your reefs in.  There is no guest list, you look the bouncer in the eye at 40 degrees south and he gives you a cold stare and says "enter if you dare".  As you step inside and start walking down the stairs away from the lights outside your heart pounds and you know it's going to be a wild night!  Word on the street is that Invest Africa, GREAT Britain, Mission Performance and Derry~Londonderry~Doire are in there too so will look out for their glow-sticks on the dance floor.”

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