Race 4 Day 19: The winner will take it all as one mile separates top two teams

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With just over 400 miles until Race 4 finish in Albany Western Australia for the leaders of the pack, just one mile currently separates OneDLL and GREAT Britain as the battle to win the coveted Kinjarling Cup rumbles on.

After tackling the unpredictable nature of the Southern Ocean, and clocking up close to 5,000 miles, Race 4 is providing tighter racing then anyone could have predicted. With OneDLL sneaking ahead of GREAT Britain overnight, Henri Lloyd will be doing all it can to better its position as just ten miles separate the top three teams.

Simon Talbot, skipper of GREAT Britain who is chasing his second win of the overall race, said: “There is still 450 miles of this race left, with some tough tactical decisions to be made ahead and you can be sure that all of the top placed teams will be giving their all for the next 48 hours to try and maximise their position over the finish line.”

After a frustrating start to Race 4 for Team Garmin , the team have been focused and determined eager to contest PSP Logistics Ocean Sprint time of 18 hours 2 minutes and pickup valuable extra points. However, it wasn’t to be this time round as skipper Ben Bowley explains,  “Having just finished our Ocean Sprint, I calculated that our average speed was somewhere in the region of 11.3 knots, still a great speed, but nowhere near quick enough to match the superlative efforts of PSP Logistics and her crew, well done guys, you've impressed us all!”

This morning GREAT Britain and Team Garmin elected to enter Stealth Mode at 1200 UTC while OneDLL have chosen to enter Stealth Mode from 1800 UTC today. This is where the team hides its position from the rest of the fleet and the Race Viewer for a period of 24 hours. 

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