Race 9.1 day 8: Frustrating sailing in light winds

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With the wind dying right off, several teams are reporting being stuck in a wind hole and doing everything they can to keep the yachts moving.

After strong winds of 60 plus knots and big waves for the last 5 days, the skippers and crews are finding the light sailing conditions frustrating as they race to Chinese Olympic sailing centre, Qingdao.

Olly Cotterell, skipper of OneDLL, said the wind had reversed and died to a light breeze, but the team could still achieve a good result, coming in in fourth or fifth position overall based on its elapsed time.

“We currently have 6 knots of wind. We are doing everything we can to keep OneDLL moving as apparently we are not doing too badly in this race and a podium is not a completely unrealistic prospect if the weather is favourable and we work hard.”

Simon Rowell, meteorologist for the Clipper Race, said: “The yachts that are just coming round the eastern knuckle of China are right in the changing wind at the moment, but over the next few hours it should fill in from the east, north east or south east depending where they are.”

He said this favourable wind should stay until about 1800 UTC tomorrow when the next front will probably leave the mainland along the Qingdao region coastline and sweep south east wards.

Patrick Van der Zijden, skipper of Old Pulteney, said: “All or nothing is the saying - well that is true for us. We have we been bashing through the waves for the last few days, now the weather reversed and with full canvas and with still 380 miles to go it will take us a good three days to make it to Qingdao.

"In particular, this leg has been demanding for most of the team and I am proud of them and the way they still work and live with each other after a demanding leg like this. The ongoing crew are looking forward to the next leg, while the departing crew step off with pride in accomplishing this tough leg."

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