Switzerland crew member has legs waxed raising money for Mercy Ships

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He might have been raising money for Mercy Ships, but Switzerland crew member Richard Greer was shown no mercy as he had his legs waxed, raising more than $2000 for the yacht’s official charity.

 The crew of Switzerland is raising money for the medical hospital ship charity as they sail round the world. By agreeing to have his legs waxed so long as a certain amount of money was raised, Richard will help Mercy Ships carry out vital operations, saving two lives.

After a call for donations in Hobart after Race 6, the team of Switzerland managed to raise $2000 in a short space of time and organised the waxing to take place in Brisbane after Switzerland won Race 7.

Switzerland is raising awareness around the world for the hospital ship charity which provides free surgery and medical care.

Mercy Ships partners with local communities to improve health care, offering training and advice, materials and hands-on assistance in Africa and around the world.

Richard said: “Since our team building weekend, I said I would do this for charity and I kept to my word as such a big amount of money was raised in a short time. Everyone from every team was extremely generous and other yachts that took part in the Sydney Hobart donated too. It was very painful but worth it. I would encourage other teams to do something like this during the race and raise money for a good cause."

Watch the video of Richard's legs being waxed here.