Team Garmin accepts twelfth place in Race 4

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Team Garmin has accepted twelfth position in Race 4 and is now motorsailing towards Albany, Western Australia.

On accepting twelfth position, Ben Bowley, skipper of Team Garmin said: “This will allow the crew at least some respite before departing for Race 5 to Sydney on 3 December. Better to take the twelfth and be fully prepared to start the next race.”

“We cannot help but wonder how much sooner we would have seen these golden shores had we departed with the rest of the fleet on 4 November. However, as our Leg 3 crew member Peter Murphy pointed out when we made the call to finish racing and motor the final 100 miles to Albany; ‘Disappointment is not to be confused with failure.’ Wise words indeed.

“We have still taken on the worst that Mother Nature could throw at us and have grown as individuals and moreover, grown as a team.  Words cannot describe some of the experiences we have had over the last three weeks.

“I leave this crew knowing that they are destined for great things in the coming races.  Bad luck and bad timing will always balance out over the course of the year and from what I have seen, I believe that this crew will be the ones to watch in the coming races.  Their pride, determination, impeccable teamwork and professionalism warrant a clutch of good results.”

Team Garmin is expected to arrive at 1600 UTC, 0000 local time, where it will be greeted by friends, supporters and joining crew members.

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