Yachts under repair after collision on start

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Following a collision between GREAT Britain and PSP Logistics at the start of Race 5 in Albany, Western Australia, both boats are having a full damage assessment in port.

It is hoped GREAT Britain will be able to restart Race 5 tomorrow (Wednesday) morning local time, and PSP Logistics tomorrow evening, depending on how quickly spare parts arrive.

An independent jury will assess the incident in Sydney and will award redress on the basis of skipper statements and video evidence.

Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, chairman and founder of the Clipper Race, said: “There were a number of boats approaching a mark and all fighting to get round a buoy, and as a result of trying to get round that buoy, there was a collision. These 12 boats are fast and big and these things happen. It is hard sometimes.

“This will go to a protest committee of international jurors who will make a decision. It’s very unfortunate but no one was hurt and the damage can be repaired quite quickly. The skippers are gutted and so are their crews. The thing is now to get those boats sorted and get them sailing again. We will deal with what happened in the incident in Sydney. 

“The person who is innocent will be offered redress for time lost while repairs are carried out. There is no other penalty, but that they will have lost time.”