30 December 2015

Wendy ‘Wendo’ Tuck, the first female Australian Skipper in the history of the Clipper Race, has clinched first place in the Clipper 70 class of the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race.

Wendy, the Sydney Skipper of Da Nang - Viet Nam, managed to hold off GREAT Britain and LMAX Exchange in a tight, tactical battle up the Derwent River. The team crossed the line at 1601 AEDT (0501 UTC) and finished in 22nd place in overall line honours.

At one point over the last 24 hours, the gap had narrowed to less than 3 nautical miles before Wendo opened up her lead to 10 nautical miles in the final few hours.

Da Nang - Viet Nam managed to keep up good speed over the last thirty miles after the threat of lightening winds didn’t materialise.

It is the first podium for Wendo and team in the Clipper 2015-16 Race global series. This is Race 5 of 14.

“This is my favourite Sydney Hobart ever,” said Wendy who has now finished her ninth Sydney Hobart.

“It was so intense, it was horrible over the last few hours but we managed to avoid the wind holes and keep up good speed with the rest of the Clipper 70 fleet bearing down on us. We only lost speed momentarily. I was trying not to get excited, but the crew were so excited as we approached the finish.

“The crew have really performed and I am so impressed. In this race, I realised I can push them harder, and that is going to be key going forward from here. We know we can get the results,” Wendy added.

Wendy also takes the Jane Tate Memorial Trophy for being the first female Skipper across the finish Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race finish line.

Also aboard celebrating the win is local Hobart resident David Graney, a round the world crew member.

GREAT Britain finished the RSHYR in second place in the Clipper 70 class at 1722 local time/0622 UTC, and LMAX Exchange in third place at 1739 AEDT/0639 UTC.

Pete Thornton, Skipper of GREAT Britain, said: “It feels pretty awesome to have just come second in the Clipper 70 class in one of the most famous races in the world. I am really happy for Wendo and Da Nang Viet Nam – I wouldn’t have wanted anyone else to win this. I thought we might have caught up but Da Nang Viet Nam pulled out a good lead in the final few hours and there was no way we could catch up.

“We are pleased with our second place and getting another point closer to the top by beating LMAX Exchange, too,” Peter added.

Olivier Cardin, Skipper of LMAX Exchange, said: “That was the hardest race yet of the Clipper Race series.

“It was very difficult to manage the weather and the current. Getting out of Sydney Harbour was also very stressful with so many yachts around in such a little area, but the start was a great experience and one we will never forget.

“We had a tussle with GREAT Britain again and lost out this time, but it was great to have the rest of the Clipper Race fleet so close around us,” Olivier added.

ClipperTelemed+ finished fourth at 1758 local time/06.58 UTC, its best result of global series so far.

Garmin has finished in fifth place at 1803 AEDT/0703 UTC, Visit Seattle in sixth at 1809 AEDT/0709 UTC, Mission Performance in seventh at 1813 AEDT/0713 UTC, Derry~Londonderry~Doire 1816 AEDT/0716 UTC, and Unicef in ninth at 1838 AEDT/0738 UTC and Qingdao in tenth at 1906 0806 UTC.

Clipper Ventures 10, with Sir Robin Knox-Johnston aboard, finished ahead of Clipper Ventures 5, in 49th place overall in line honours, with CV5 52nd.

PSP Logistics crossed the finish line at 0507 local time (1807UTC 30 December) in eleventh place, and IchorCoal crossed the finish line at 0717 local time (2017UTC 30 Dec) in twelfth.

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