Clipper Race Recruitment Manager hitting the road

01 September 2014

The Clipper Race recruitment team is looking for suggestions for UK locations to visit as newly appointed Crew Recruitment Manager Della Parsons prepares to hit the road next month in search of the next generation of ocean explorers.

Della, a circumnavigator on the Hull and Humber entry in the Clipper 2009-10 Race, explains:

“It’s hard to believe there are still people out there that don’t realise they have the opportunity to take part in this unique global endurance challenge, but it’s true. I’m hoping to change this over the coming months.

“If you belong to a club or society - sailing related or otherwise - and think that your members would be interested in tales of the demanding, thrilling, beautiful, and often unexpected events that taking part in the Clipper Race throws at you, please get in touch.

“Also, if you work for, or run a business that hold lunchtime or post-work creative sessions for your staff, there are many inspirational and motivational lessons that can be taken from the extreme team-work necessary to successfully race a boat across the world’s biggest oceans.”

It may already be 70 per cent full but there are still crew places left for the Clipper 2015-16 Race. We are also now recruiting for the 2017-18 edition of the race.

If you are interested in nominating a location, business or company for Della to visit, or would like more information on signing up to the race, please email, [email protected] or call +44 (0) 2392 534 712.

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