Crew Enjoy a Delicious Cultural Experience

27 February 2018

One of the big drawcards of China is the food, and the Clipper Race crew found out why that is the case after being treated to a morning of dumpling making at the Sanya Serenity Marina Hotel.

Around 30 crew gathered to learn how to roll, fold and cook the delicious parcels of meat and vegetables – though some definitely had more of a knack at it than others!“It was a lot of fun, but I don’t think the chefs will be giving me a job!” says Lizzie Howe, a round the world crew member and British Nanny on board Visit Seattle.

“I enjoyed it and I think all the dumplings stayed together. I’ve learnt a few different techniques on folding them but a bit more training might be needed.”

Fellow circumnavigator John Young on Unicef adds: “Out of ten I would probably rate my skills at a one! I didn’t have quite the right technique, all mine came out square.

“But they were very, very good to eat. It’s just amazing to be able to experience different cultures as we travel around the world and seeing how polite and friendly people are here in China. Definitely would tell people to come see Sanya for themselves.”

The crew were well rewarded for all their hard work, and judging by the satisfied faces and clean plates, dumplings could make it on to a few boat menus for the upcoming Race 8 from Sanya to Qingdao!

The Clipper Race fleet will continue to enjoy the delights of Sanya until Sunday 4 March when the fleet will depart for the 1,700 nautical mile Race 8 to Qingdao in northern China.

For more information about the Sanya Stopover, please see the Host Port Page on the Clipper Race website.

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