Dare To Lead Awarded Redress for Race 7: Forever Tropical Paradise Race

08 February 2018

The Clipper Race Committee has announced today that, following an official request from Dare To Lead , the team has been awarded redress for assistance rendered towards Liverpool 2018 in diverting to rendezvous with them and carrying out the successful transfer of the fleet spare watermaker and four full freshwater jerry cans.

In accordance with the Clipper Race Sailing Instructions (24.d), the Race Committee may generally consider awarding redress in the event of a yacht going to assist another Clipper Race yacht or any other vessel requiring assistance.

The transfer was sensibly carried out during the motoring phase of the Doldrums Corridor in an effort to avoid impacting on the racing time of either vessel, however, as a direct consequence of the diversion, Dare To Lead was unable to make their 4° of latitude within the minimum 36 hours limit.

The Clipper Race Committee were unanimous in their judgement and the decision is to award Dare To Lead a total redress time of 1 hour and 24 mins . This time will be taken off Dare To Lead’s overall elapsed time for Race 7 once they have finished.

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