Dell Latitude Rugged Ocean Sprint results for Race 11: Seattle Pacific Challenge

14 May 2022

Qingdao has completed the Dell Latitude Rugged Ocean Sprint section so the final results can now be revealed.

The sprint was between 30°N and 27°N and the distance on the rhumb line across was approximately 205nm but only about 180nm if travelled directly north to south.

As with all Dell Latitude Rugged Ocean Sprints, the teams had varying conditions on arrival to this section of the Race 11: Seattle Pacific Challenge course and during the sprint section and there was a big split in timings for the race in hand.

Says Clipper Race Director, Mark Light: “Qingdao had good pressure and a wind direction that afforded them a pretty decent course as they completed the sprint section in one gybe. The team worked hard to race across approximately 196nm in 17 hours, 6 mins and 19 seconds. This gave an impressive average speed of about 11.5 knots. We can also announce that GoToBermuda grabbed second fastest and Punta del Este managed to get the third fastest time.

“Congratulations to Chris and Maisie, David ‘Wavy’ Immelman and Max, Jeronimo and Nano and their respective teams, very well done!”

The top three results for the Race 11 Dell Latitude Ocean Sprint are as follows :

1st Qingdao 3 points

2nd GoToBermuda 2 points

3rd Punta del Este 1 point

Full results below :

17:06:19 Qingdao

17:21:36 GoToBermuda

18:46:53 Punta del Este

20:28:04 Ha Long Bay, Viet Nam

20:36:15 Unicef

20:53:54 Dare To Lead

22:27:55 WTC Logistics

24:25:20 Visit Sanya, China

25:13:52 Zhuhai

26:03:13 Seattle

28:42:49 Imagine Your Korea

The teams are moving along the coast of Mexico. With fickle wind to deal with, it may seem that Mexico is the country that never ends. Keep an eye on the Race Viewer to see the teams' speed and progress in Race 11: Seattle Pacific Challenge.

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