ETAs to Albany, Australia

28 November 2015

LMAX Exchange crossed the Wardan Whip finish line in Albany, Australia at 2143 UTC (0543 local time).

Derry~Londonderry~Doire secured second place after crossing the finish line at 0932 UTC (1732 local time). Qingdao crossed the line at 1226 UTC.

Garmin (0014 UTC/0814 local time) and GREAT Britain (0136 UTC/0936 local time)were next to finish on in fourth and fifth respectively.

Mission Performance finished two minutes ahead of IchorCoal on Wednesday evening, crossing the line at 1005 UTC (1805 local time).

Da Nang-Viet Nam
crossed the finish line at 1340 UTC (2140 local time) while Visit Seattle crossed at 1726 UTC (0126 local time).

PSP Logistics arrived in Albany Australia on Thursday morning crossing the 0756 local time.

Unicef crossed the finish line at 0411 UTC on Friday 27 November.

Below are the current ETAs for the fleet crossing the finish line, it will take teams approximately an hour to ready the yacht before arriving in the marina. All times are local time (+8 UTC).

Please note that these are best estimates based on the latest weather and the average speeds of the fleet and subject to change.

Unfortunately only Race Officials will be allowed on the pontoons until after arrival formalities, including Customs and Immigration, are complete.

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