The Clipper Race fleet are currently heading for Panama ahead of the transit of the Panama Canal, below are the latest ETAs.

ETAs to Panama (-5 UTC).

ClipperTelemed+ - In Port
Derry~Londonderry~Doire - In Port
Unicef - In Port
LMAX Exchange - In Port
IchorCoal - In Port
Qingdao - In Port
GREAT Britain - In Port
Garmin - In Port
Mission Performance - In Port
Da Nang-Viet Nam - In Port
PSP Logistics - In Port
Visit Seattle - In Port

Click here for more information on Panama. You can view the Panama Canal web cameras here.

Panama Canal Transit

ClipperTelemed+ - Transit Complete
Unicef - Transit Complete
Derry~Londonderry~Doire - Transit Complete
LMAX Exchange - Transit Complete
IchorCoal - Transit Complete
Qingdao - Transit Complete
GREAT Britain - Transit Complete
Mission Performance - Transit Complete
Garmin - Transit Complete
Visit Seattle - Sunday 29 May
PSP Logistics - Sunday 29 May
Da Nang-Viet Nam - Sunday 29 May

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