The power of social spirit and an optimistic outlook on board has been shining out of the Clipper Race teams in the PSP Logistics Panama Cup. They’ve been sweating under the scorching sun and working extra hard to keep their boats moving in the stifling heat and highly frustrating lightwind conditions which have made this race from Seattle to Panama such a challenge, so now it’s time for you to reward their efforts.

Which team has impressed you most in Race 10? Get on the Stormhoek Wines facebook pageand nominate it for the Stormhoek Social Spirit Award.

Following the race closely Stormhoek Brand Manager, Lise Ewins, says: “It’s hard to know where to start when thinking about which team to nominate for the Social Spirit Award in the PSP Logistics Panama Cup. Reading the crew diaries and Skipper blogs, it’s clear that every team has had its battles to overcome, but that is what continues to impress us, that together faced with adversity, every crew just seems to get stronger.

“In the last race, we gave the award to the wider Clipper Race family but now it’s time to reintroduce the competitive spirit. We know that race followers are a passionate bunch and really enjoy reading their nominations. They make it very clear that the competition isn’t just taking place at sea, we’re all involved and all glued to every move on the Race Viewer!”

Dramatic from the start, with ClipperTelemed+ commencing racing hours after the rest of the fleet only to make a comeback good enough to get on the podium for the first time, this race has been full of twists and turns.

There were more firsts for Unicef and ClipperTelemed+, both picking up their first ever bonus points at the Scoring Gate, and Visit Seattle which did the same in the Ocean Sprint, setting a time that proved totally untouchable by the others.

But perhaps you admire the teams that took a gamble by breaking away from the rest of the fleet to race inshore or further offshore? While they might have dropped places, they’ve never dropped their heads.

So far six Clipper Race teams have won the Stormhoek Social Spirit Award and there are only five chances left to do so. So why not play your part by nominating your team on the Stormhoek Wines facebook page and helping them win a moment of appreciation on stage and a pennant to fly proudly from their yacht before race finish in July?

Nominations are now open via the Stormhoek Wines facebook page.

Also, don’t forget that Stormhoek is collating your messages of support to the crew for Race Finish on its Facebook page too. Write your message on a piece of paper, get a photo of yourself holding it and post that to their wall.

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