Future Crew Friday – Meet Robert Giuliani

29 May 2015

This week we catch up with Minnesota chef Robert, who in less than 93 days’ time will be at the start line to race 40,000 miles across the world’s oceans.

Robert is in the UK for the first time and has just completed his second of four compulsory levels of race training. When he isn’t busy in the kitchen at his family restaurant, Robert races on the Great Lakes and has been sailing for the past 12 years.

Why is Robert planning on sailing round the world and what has been his favourite meal on board? Let’s find out in today’s edition of Future Crew Friday.

Name: Robert Giuliani
Occupation: Chef and restaurant owner
Signed up for:
Clipper 2015-16 Race, circumnavigation

What led you to sign up for the Clipper Race?

A friend and I were talking about the Volvo Ocean Race and how fun it would be to sail around the world. He showed me the Clipper Race website and jokingly I said I was going to do it. So it was more of a challenge, but it was a good challenge because I know when I get back in a year’s time it will have been a life changing experience. We will see what happens, for all I know I could just keep on sailing.

Why did you choose to do the full circumnavigation?

I’m an all or nothing kind of guy so if I’m going to do it I’m going to go for the whole thing. I knew I wouldn’t be satisfied if I didn’t. There are also a lot of places I haven’t seen and cultures I haven’t experienced and I thought it would be a great opportunity alongside making some great friendships.

What have been the highlights of your Clipper Race experience so far?

The highlight has been getting to know the other crew members. I know that at the end I am going to establish a family with the people that I race with and on other teams. The training itself has been wonderful, I have learnt so much. The way the skippers teach, they have given me confidence in what I am getting into, making sure that when I finish my training it is going to be really beneficial for the actual race.

What has been the most challenging experience?

I have a fear of heights, so for me going up the mast was a big accomplishment. Being the chef on board is going to be a new challenge for me. I am so used to being in a kitchen and having to provision for 21 people at sea in the galley it is important that the crew are satisfied with your meals. A happy well fed crew is a fast crew!

What has been the best meal on board so far?

On Level 1 we had an Indian dish with rice and it was the most amazing thing, I enjoyed that. When I cooked this week, I made sandwiches with bread, cheese and poached apples which I baked so the cheese melted and the apples caramelised, I am really interested to make some great meals with the provisions we have and keep the crew happy.

What do your family and friends think about you doing the race?

It’s going to be hard for my friends and family to come and visit, but I hope they will be able to come and see me on the American legs. The people in my town are really supportive; it’s a good sized town and being the first person from Duluth to do this means they are going to be watching.

I really want to share my experience with everyone back home, one of my other professions is working with kids in youth for the school district and I work with them to create new recipes for the school lunches. I would like to connect with them to learn what it’s like to sail on an open ocean with them to hopefully give them the drive to go out and achieve their goals.

If you would like to join Robert to race the world’s oceans this year, contact Crew Recruitment Manager, Della Parsons on [email protected] . We are now also recruiting for the Clipper 2017-18 Race.

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