Get Ready For Some Gripping Viewing

23 August 2019

Forget binge-watching the latest Netflix series. The Clipper Race Viewer is back and set to take over your lives, bringing all of the drama and making for some very gripping viewing over the next eleven months.

In addition to following regular updates on the Clipper Race Instagram, Facebook and Twitter feeds, every tack, gybe and strategy call, you’ll never miss a beat of the action with the entire Clipper Race Viewer at your fingertips. Track each of the eleven identical yachts’ hourly real-time course and position as teams battle their way around the world.

Bespoke to the Clipper Race, the web-based Race Viewer has been tried and tested in excess of 120,000 nautical miles of ocean racing, allowing Race Crew supporters to track their loved one’s location 24 hours a day, over all 228 days of racing, on both desktop and mobile devices.

“Knowing I was not going to see my daughter for months and realising she would be experiencing a rollercoaster of an experience was a daunting thought. To be able to check the race viewer (wherever I was and at any time of day or night!) was quite reassuring and being able to track her progress around the world was amazing. So many people have asked me how she was doing and to be able to show them the race viewer and where she was in the world was brilliant. The race viewer was compulsive viewing towards the end of each race...nail biting at times!” - Pauline Pragnell, Mother of Charlie Garratt, Circumnavigator in the Clipper 2017-18 Race.

The Race Viewer also has a private race management system, paramount for ensuring the safety of the fleet, allowing the Race Team to interpret the data and track each yacht’s progress closely.

For race followers interested in the finer detail, a host of tools are available including brand new additions for the 2019-20 edition, which further enhance user customisation options. “We’ve developed a range of tools which give greater context to any tactical decisions made by each team. Weather layers can be activated to show current and forecasted wind, swell, air pressure and temperature and even an enhanced rewind feature so followers can catch up on any racing action.” explains George Loader, Digital Marketing Officer for the Clipper Race.

The Race Viewer comes with a warning, with many Race Crew Supporters reporting in with Race Viewer fever. A testament to its success, during the 2017-18 edition of the race, the Race Viewer received in excess 4.35 million page views globally, from 162 different countries. Race Viewer, for the 2019-20 edition, will be active from Sunday 1 September attracting a huge global audience, with many arranging their daily routine around the hourly updates. Track the fleet as they race around the globe at

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