Meet the Crew: Linda McDavitt

27 July 2015

Linda McDavitt, from Austin, Texas, USA, is the oldest female round the world crew member in this year’s race.

She has sailed most of her life, is very competitive and is most looking forward to the teamwork aspect.

Name: Linda McDavitt

Age: 68

Nationality: American

Occupation: Retired band director

Team: ClipperTelemed+

Signed up for: Round the world

What made you sign up for the Clipper Race?

It was the way to fulfill the dream of a lifetime as I have always wanted to sail around the world. To do a race with like-minded crew is incredible. Also, I am in the process of retiring from my job and will be able to let my replacement feel free to work without me around.

What has been the most challenging part so far?

Getting used to going from small boat sailing (mainly 22 foot) to big boat sailing with what I see as giant winches, lines, sails, etc. I am also having to retrain some memory muscle/reflexes to work on bigger boats. Perhaps the hardest is waiting for the first Race Start!

How are you preparing physically and mentally?

Continuing to race as much as possible and really concentrating on the sail adjustment, tactics and smooth crew work. I am building upper body strength doing pilates and pole dancing (as recommended by another sailor).

How does this differ from your day job?

I will get to be really active and outside with nature and all the elements. My job keeps me inside and looking out and wishing I were out there.

What skills do you think you can offer the team?

When I am racing, I have really good focus and am constantly looking for ways to get more speed, whether this be through putting in a tack, gybe, douse or changing the headsails and spinnaker efficiently and effectively without any hang-ups. The job that I had prior to current one was as a band director working with students to come together for a concert or marching performance that needed to have everyone giving their best effort not only at the performance but throughout the learning of the music or drill. I am good at working with others to get 110% or more in all efforts for the common goal. I have done that with 55 students all the way to 300+ students.

What are you most looking forward to?

Seeing new places, being with people who have a common goal, learning about myself and others, and of course, the start of it all!

I am also happy to be able to help others through fundraising during the race for UNICEF UK, AYC Fund and TEAMability.

Do you have a message for someone who's thinking about entering the next race?

Just do it. I wish that I had known about this long ago and had the opportunity to take time off and take the challenge.

Sum up your feelings about the race in 3 words

Challenge, Teamwork, Goal

If you would like to join Linda and race the world’s oceans we are now recruiting for the Clipper 2017-18 Race. Please get in touch via the apply section of the website.

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