​PRAXES Medical Group return as 2015-16 Global Medical Emergency Support Partner

17 November 2014

We are pleased to announce that PRAXES Medical Group, the Canadian based company which provides worldwide, fast access to medical advice to patients in the world’s most remote environments, will return as the Global Medical Emergency Support Partner in the 2015-16 race edition. r

PRAXES medical experts include emergency and occupational physicians who have years of experience of providing remote medical access to patients injured or ill in the world’s most hostile environments, where there are limited options for a medical evacuation and there is no rapid access to x-rays or hi-tech hospital equipment.

Sir Robin Knox-Johnston says: “Knowing the PRAXES physicians were available during emergencies and other medical situations was extremely reassuring for our crew on the last race so I am very pleased to be continuing the partnership. The safety of our crew who are tackling Mother Nature’s toughest conditions is paramount for us.”

As well as providing access to professional medical advice, PRAXES will also supply the comprehensive Cat A on board medical kits, required by the Cat Zero coded Clipper 70 ocean racing yachts.

During the last edition of the race, crew members were given rapid diagnosis and valuable expert reassurances by PRAXES emergency physicians, in addition to in-port consultations via private internet video consultations.

Crew were given advice on everything ranging from respiratory problems, infections, eye injuries, and rashes, to dislocations and broken ribs. This included emergency advice following a dramatic Man Overboard rescue in the North Pacific Ocean to assess a crew member presenting with potential hypothermia, shock and a suspected broken leg.

PRAXES CEO Susan Helliwell comments, “We are delighted to continue our partnership with the race. Sir Robin, the skippers, staff and crews have all been enthusiastic about our 24/7 service. We are very pleased to play a role in supporting crew health.

“The Clipper Race has provided a unique opportunity to demonstrate our products and services in one of the most demanding marine based events on the planet. It delivered a powerful global promotional platform across six continents and over eleven months of high profile exposure.”

In the event of an incident on board, a qualified doctor will be available on the satellite phone within five minutes to give emergency specialist advice on the most appropriate treatment and permission to prescribe any necessary drugs carried within the medical kit on board, also provided by PRAXES.

The PRAXES service extends to ‘virtual’ in-port consultations for less urgent conditions when crew are thousands of miles away from their GP and do not necessarily need a time-consuming hospital visit.

Ahead of the 2015-16 race start, crew members will be given the opportunity to upload their medical histories which will be kept confidentially by PRAXES in case of an emergency.

Click here for more information on PRAXES.

There is still time to sign up to be a crew member for the 2015-16 edition of the race. If you have a medical professional background, there are opportunities to volunteer to become one of our team medics, and gain valuable experience looking after your fellow crew members in a challenging environment. Click here to apply to the race, and find out more through the Clipper Race crew team.

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