Race 7 - Course Amendment

03 March 2020

From Mark Light, Clipper Race Director:

The Clipper Race Office constantly monitors the fleet’s progress and current and forecast weather conditions. As a result of the slower progress made by the fleet as they race down the western coast of Luzon, Philippines during the last 24 hours, the Race Office has amended the Race 7 Course Instructions to include two Mandatory Finish Gates. Either of these gates may be used as a finish line should the race course need to be shortened.

All teams will declare their times of crossing each gate so overall race finish positions can be established, if required.

The existing finish line, as shown on the race viewer, will stand until otherwise notified by the Race Office.

The Mandatory Finish Gate positions are as follows:


▪ Mandatory Finish Gate 1 West 16°30.000N, 118°40.000E

▪ Mandatory Finish Gate 1 East 16°30.000N, 119°40.000E


▪ Mandatory Finish Gate 2 West 15°30.000N, 118°40.000E

▪ Mandatory Finish Gate 2 East 15°30.000N, 119°40.000E

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