16 August 2016

Our international television series The Race of Their Lives 2 has picked up a prestigious award as ‘Best Documentary Series-UK’ in the industry TMT Media Awards 2016 announced today.

The second season of the highly acclaimed sports adventure series follows the people taking on the latest edition of the Clipper Race in seven one-hour shows.

“This is excellent news,” said Global Business and Communications Director Jonathan Levy, who is executive producer of the series. “It reflects the compelling nature of the story as ‘ordinary’ people take on the extraordinary challenge of racing across the world’s toughest oceans.

“The team at our official host broadcast production company, 1080 Media TV, has done an incredible job in difficult conditions to capture the race as it unfolds aboard the yachts, and tell the story of these everyday people as they achieve something remarkable.”

The programmes have been distributed to broadcasters around the world, reaching well in excess of one hundred countries so far, and have run as each show is completed during the race. The final show will be distributed in September when the full series is expected to be repeated in its entirety on many channels, with additional broadcasters also taking it at that time too.

The shows have been distributed throughout Asia including China, Australia, Middle East, Africa, Europe including the UK and Russia, plus North and South America.

Show Six which covers the Pacific and US coast-to-coast stages of the race has just been released and is currently airing. One of the latest broadcasters, Outside Sports Network (OSN) in the Middle East will broadcast the latest episode at 1700 UTC this evening (16 August 2016) followed by several repeats this week.

In the UK, Sky Sports is also taking the series and transmission times will be published when we have them.

Other broadcasters include: Fox Sports Europe, Africa and Australia; Bloomberg; Fox Sports Asia; FoxTel; STAR Sports; BeIN Sports; Supersport; TV3; Globosat; RBC TV; POP TV (US); China New Media; Viettel TV; Leonado TV; Astro TV; and Edge Sport.

A number of airlines and ocean cruise liners are also taking the series for their on-board TV channels and entertainment systems.

A DVD set of the latest series will be available in November.

Ongoing news coverage of the race has been distributed around the world and has appeared on major global broadcasters such as BBC World and CNN, plus significant national broadcasters such as NBC in the US; BBC, ITV and Channel 4 in the UK; Eurovision throughout Europe; CCTV and BTV in China; and ABC, Channel 7, SBS, Sky and Fox in Australia.

To reflect the work 1080 Media TV has done with news distribution and streaming they also picked up a second award as ‘Most Innovative Online Broadcast Company – UK’. 1080 Media TV CEO Cliff Webb said: “This illustrates how we have been able to distribute the content produced, not only for the Clipper Race but also for all of our international clients. Such as the International Tennis Federation (ITF), covering the Davis Cup and Fed Cup ties and draws.

“We are very proud of the TV Series we’ve produced for the Clipper Race which has received an enthusiastic response from broadcasters. As a result we have already received a lot of interest in the third season of The Race of Their Lives for the 2017-18 edition.”

Click here to watch the Race of Their Lives 2 trailer.

For more tasters of what to expect in the series more videos are available on our Youtube channel where the Seattle Pacific Challenge and The Journey Home give real insight into the adventure 1080 Media cameraman Rich Edwards has been capturing on board during the Clipper 2015-16 Race.

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