25 November 2017

PSP Logistics wrapped up the podium positions tonight for Race 3, arriving into Fremantle in third place, meaning the team has finished in the top three twice out the three races so far.

Proving how close the racing has been yet again, PSP Logistics finished at 12:43UTC, just seven minutes ahead of Visit Seattle which crossed in fourth place at 12:50UTC following a cat and mouse game which saw both teams perform consistently high in this mighty Southern Ocean test.

A highly deserved podium placement, PSP Logistics spent the first 24 days of the race in the top three, only to fall back down the leader board after becoming stuck in the dreaded wind hole off the coast of Western Australia a couple of days ago, however the team never gave up the chase, claiming back the podium spot in the final hours.

After overcoming a particularly tough Race 2 with the now infamous incident with the whale leaving Punta del Este, and then the shock of Skipper Roy Taylor stepping down in Cape Town, new team Skipper Matt Mitchell had one job, to lift his new crew and put them back in the race.

“The team went through a lot in the last race to Cape Town and being delayed in port,” says Matt.

“It was also first race since the Clipper 2015-16 Race ended and I wanted to make an impression.

“I didn’t want to come in like a bulldozer and say everything has got to change. I wanted to keep with the structure that the team already had, whilst at the same time using my experience from my two previous Clipper Races to nurture the crew and give them a racing perspective.”

The podium position felt particularly sweet for Trevor Taylor who is a member at the Fremantle Yacht Club which is hosting the Clipper Race stopover. On arrival into his home port, he said: “It’s really special to race into Fremantle and come away with the podium is even better.

“Fremantle is a nice port and the crew will really enjoy the time here.”

PSP Logistics round the worlder Stian Tonnesen adds: “The team has really pulled together after what happened in Race 2. Matt our new Skipper is awesome and has really fit in well with the team.

“Matt is the man for the job. We are supporting him as he is supporting us. We really can’t wait to build on our third place in the race around Australia.”

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