​Meet the Clipper 2017-18 Race Crew: Trevor Taylor

25 November 2017

Name: Trevor Taylor

Age: 64

Nationality: Australian

Home Town: Rockingham, Western Australia

Occupation: Retired Drainage Contractor

Legs: Full Circumnavigation

Team: PSP Logistics

As the Clipper Race fleet enters the final stretch to Fremantle, Australia, one man in particular will be chomping at the bit to arrive.

Not only is the city of Fremantle home to PSP Logistics round the worlder Trevor Taylor, but he is also a member of the Fremantle Sailing Club, the place the Clipper Race fleet will call home whilst in Western Australia.

“The Fremantle Sailing Club is world class,” says Trevor.

“The facilities are as good as anywhere and it's a world class sailing school. There are lots of world champions that have come out of Fremantle over the last few years.

“The crew will enjoy the facilities and it's just a nice neck of the woods.”

It’s been some time since Trevor last saw the white sandy shore of Western Australia. After starting the Clipper 2017-18 Race in Liverpool, UK, on 20 August 2017, the 64 year old will have crossed three oceans and notched up around 14,000 nautical miles by the time he arrives in Fremantle.

It has been a mixed journey so far for Trevor and PSP Logistics. The team was second across the line in the first race across the Atlantic Ocean from Liverpool, UK, to Punta del Este, Uruguay, but finished last in the second race to Cape Town after a collision with a whale just days after leaving Uruguay.

“The Clipper Race so far has been interesting. We did alright in the first race and then we couldn’t test if it was a fluke or not in the second race so it will be interesting to see where in the pecking order we will finish this time.”

Whilst a wind hole off the coast of Western Australia has seen a dramatic reorder in the standings over the last few days, PSP Logistics has already proven the Race 1 result wasn’t a fluke. The team has been one of the frontrunners throughout the race across the Southern Ocean, and has consistently featured in the top three since the fleet left Cape Town over three weeks ago.

The All-Australian Leg 4 will be another stage for Trevor and his team to excel on, especially in light of the fact that he has Skippered five Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Races (RSHYRs) between 1997 and 2014.

But before Trevor even thinks about the next leg and the RSHYR, the first item on the agenda is Fremantle, a place he says his fellow Clipper Race crew mates will really enjoy.

“Fremantle is a nice port. If crew get a couple of days off they can check out the wineries, it’s only two or so hours down to Margaret River. There’s plenty to do in a reasonably short distance.”

And what will be the first thing Trevor do when he arrives in Fremantle?

He says: “Well, if my wife is reading this, I should say give my wife a kiss, I suppose, but have a beer. I enjoy a beer so it will be nice after three weeks to have a beer with the gang.”

To find out when the Clipper Race fleet will start arriving in Fremantle, see the latest ETA’s on the website and the Race Viewer.

There will be many opportunities to get involved in the stopover, including open boat tours of the Clipper 70s. For more information, see the Fremantle Host Port Page on the Clipper Race website.

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