Don't miss a beat of the action! The Clipper Race’s award-winning official documentary is back with The Race of Their Lives Series 3, with the first episode airing tonight, from Saturday 9 to 11 December, on Sky Sports Arena.

This first of seven hour long action-packed episode covers the raw emotion of the Race Start in Liverpool, UK, all the twists and turns from the Atlantic Ocean and the wonderful welcome from Yacht Club Punta del Este, Uruguay after the longest ever leg of the Clipper Race - plus more.

It’s also a great way to get to know some of the crew, the reasons that bought them to sign up for the race, and follow their experiences along the way.

Timings here, or it is also available on Catch Up.

08/12/2017 19:00:00 GMT Sky Sports Arena SD
08/12/2017 23:00:00 GMT Sky Sports Arena SD
09/12/2017 05:00:00 GMT Sky Sports Arena SD
09/12/2017 07:05:00 GMT Sky Sports Arena SD
09/12/2017 20:30:00 GMT Sky Sports Arena SD
10/12/2017 06:00:00 GMT Sky Sports Arena SD
11/12/2017 08:00:00 GMT Sky Sports Arena SD
11/12/2017 18:00:00 GMT Sky Sports Mix SD
11/12/2017 22:00:00 GMT Sky Sports Arena SD
11/12/2017 24:00:00 GMT Sky Sports Arena SD

Further episode details will be made available as we have them, as well as details on additional channels to watch the Race of Their Lives 3 on across the world.

Global channels which have signed up to take the series include: Fox Australia, Fox Asia, Fox Europe, Fox Africa, OSN, be In sport (Asia and Australia), Astro Malaysia, Arena Sport (Baltics), Eleven Network (Poland, Taiwan, USA, Singapore, Belgium and Italy), Nautical channel (available worldwide), Supersport (Pan Southern Africa), Kwese (Pan Africa), IYQI (China), Watersports World (available worldwide) and Virgin Bulgaria.

Race of Their Lives is produced by 1080 Media and last year the series won ‘Best Sports Documentary – UK’ at the TMT Media Awards 2016.

On what makes Race of Their Lives so appealing to viewers and broadcasters, Cliff Web, CEO, 1080 Media, says: “The focus of this ongoing series is all about the people taking part in the Clipper 2017-18 Race, including the experience they have and how it affects them. These are stories about everyday people, a large percentage of whom are novice sailors, who take on this challenge to test themselves and achieve something they never thought possible.

“Over the past three race editions we have made Race of Their Lives, we’ve evolved the storyline from being about a sailing race and who wins, to showing what people are feeling, what they endure, the fun, the hardship and the emotion involved in finishing. The race is certainly a constant thread throughout the series which brings a competitive element, but we meet some amazing people along the way that viewers can associate with, get to know, and relate to. Everyone has a story as to why they are taking part, and we are trying to get ‘under their skin’ and reveal this, how they interact with others, how their character changes (and it does), and how they cope with everything they have to encounter and come to terms with.

“When non-sailors see the show for the first time, the reaction is usually either ‘I could do that, how exciting’, or, ‘not in a million years!’, and I’m hopeful that means we are achieving a good balance of being realistic, factual, and telling some engaging and entertaining stories all at the same time.’’

The full Race of Their Lives 3 documentary will also be available to purchase at the end of the Clipper 2017-18 Race.

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