Winning Race 1 team arrives in Puerto Sherry

11 September 2023

Race 1 of the circumnavigation is complete, and first to arrive in port was Race 1’s winning team Perseverance. The team was welcomed in by supporters who had flown out to see the winner's arrival, as well as Puerto Sherry General Manager Nicolas Figueras, Events and Logistics Manager Mariluz Rivero and Commodora Daniel Martínez Becerra who greeted them with well wishes and the local delicacy – sherry!

Image: Perseverance arrive into Puerto Sherry

Following poor weather conditions over the course, the race route was shortened (see more here) meaning the boats have been motoring into the bay having finished racing early.

Nicolas Figueras, the General Manager at Puerto Sherry Marina, said: “Puerto Sherry proudly welcomes the first boat to arrive in our country. We hope that the five days they spend in El Puerto de Santa Maria will be a great experience. We have worked hard to make them feel at home in Puerto Sherry."

Perseverance Skipper Ineke van der Weijden said: “We had a fantastic welcome into Puerto Sherry with some local sherry and some flowers. It’s beautiful weather and we came in first! I think we are feeling a little shellshocked but super happy!

“The crew has been fantastic. We had a rough day or two with seasickness and getting used to life on the boat, so some lows and some highs but the highs outweighed the lows. It was fantastic and we had a great time.”

Image: Perseverance- Race 1 Winners!

Speaking about the first race, where Perseverance maintained a strong lead throughout, Ineke added: “When you are in first place, it definitely creates a bond and motivation as well. It puts a little bit of pressure on Joss and me at the start, but then our lead increased and was consolidated, and we realised we were in slightly different weather than the other yachts. But for the crew it is just amazing because their whole dream of doing this and racing is paying off, and they just get on so well too.”

Perseverance finished Race 1 in first place, however at this stage are second on the leaderboard behind Yacht Club Punta del Este. Nano Antia and the team chose to gain three extra points by going for the Scoring Gate, and were able to claw back some standings and finish Race 1 in second position. Thanks to the bonus points, YCPE are top of the leaderboard going into the second race.

Ineke comments: “We came first across the finish with a decent lead. Nano (Skipper of Yacht Club Punta del Este) took a massive gamble going for the Scoring Gate and kudos to him, it really paid off, but he had to work hard for it! They took a massive detour to go for the points in the Scoring Gate, but then for the team to fight back to second position from there is amazing. But we are coming for you on the next leg- your home leg!”

The Clipper Race fleet are arriving into Puerto Sherry on Monday and Tuesday. ETAs are available and updated here.

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