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14 Mar 2017

​Clipper Race Crew Safety Brief

Founder and Chairman Sir Robin Knox-Johnston has prepared the following safety update for all Clipper 2017-18 Race crewOcean yacht racing has its risks. But by far the best way to…

1 Feb 2017

Lick of new paint for Clipper 70s

Over the last six months, the Clipper Race fleet of twelve 70-foot ocean racing yachts has been given a makeover of mighty proportions in preparation for the Clipper 2017-18 Race.In addition to major works during this refit, the Maintenance Team is also carrying out the usual servicing, replacements, re-rigging, upgrades and improvements, including the application of Coppercoat Antifoul to the…

16 Jan 2017

Marine travel: Destination Clipper Race

At 40,000 nautical miles long with a complex global route, traversing the world’s oceans is the ultimate travel adventure. To ensure our crews join their teams at the start line,…

7 Nov 2016

Going Underground

For many people who go on to become race crew, the eye-catching posters across the London Underground and National Rail networks have been the driving force in bringing the adventure to their attention and getting them to sign up. Recently, the reintroduction of large format, cross-track billboards has complemented the more frequently seen four-sheet posters calling for…

19 Sep 2016

Website success continues

Awards season is upon us and once more the Clipper Race website has gained international recognition within the industry.Following on from winning the Best Sports Website in the 2015 Lovie…

16 Aug 2016

Clipper Race VR360 Immersive Experience

Technology has always played a huge part in helping us showcase the conditions the crew face during the Clipper Race, whether it is the waterproof cameras used on board…

16 Apr 2016

​A day in the life of Visit Seattle: Assistant Watch Leader

We catch up with home port entry Visit Seattle to discover a typical 48 hours on board for the crew and Skipper while awaiting a North Pacific storm.This…

24 Mar 2016

Asian Business Teamwork

The Clipper Race fleet has sailed from Asia after an intense period of partner activation in Vietnam and China. Qingdao was no exception where, in addition to a rich and varied programme from our hosts, race partners LMAX Exchange, the UK Government’s GREAT Campaign and Unicef all staged innovative and highly successful events.LMAX Exchange, the leading UK based Financial Technology…

2 Mar 2016


Covering the action of a Clipper Race stopover is an important job. With so many events going on from dawn to dusk, and so many people and moments to capture,…

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