Addictive Viewing

23 August 2015

The Race Viewer is the most addictive area of the race’s official website,

With real-time updates on each of the twelve yacht’s positions every hour, the Race Viewer keeps friends, family and avid sailing fans up to date on the fleet’s progress throughout the eleven-month long adventure.

During the 2013-14 edition of the race, the Race Viewer received more than a million page views. That number is expected to increase during the 2015-16 edition.

Produced by Salad Creative for desktop or mobile/tablet use, the Race Viewer is the outcome of hours of intensive design and development.

"The main objectives for the Race Viewer were to create an engaging and user-friendly way for followers to track the race progress from anywhere, and importantly, on any device,” explains Adam Morland, Digital Director at Salad.

“GPS beacons on board send regular positional updates, allowing us to accurately plot each team’s progress. Followers are able to view weather conditions, measure distances between landmarks or competing teams and catch up by rewinding the race action."

A private area of the system will also be used by the race’s management team to track and ensure the fleet’s safety.

From Sunday 30 August the Race Viewer will launch and attract a huge audience; some arranging their daily routine around the updates.

The Race Viewer will be able once the 2015-16 edition is underway. Click here for more information on Salad Creative.

Click here for the Race Viewer.