Race medical kits support Nigerian clinic

29 September 2014


“Donations like this are really useful, the supply that the Clipper Race has provided should last us around three to four months,” says Dr Yusuf Dala Gali, a doctor from Nigeria as he loads his car full of surplus race medical supplies.

“The community is poor and cannot afford medication,” adds Yusuf, who runs the Bila Community Clinic with volunteers in the small farming town of Bila in Borno State, north-east Nigeria. He set up the clinic in 2007 with a colleague when his mother fell ill and wanted to support his local community. Based in the UK at Broomfield Hospital, Yusuf visits Bila every six months to treat the local community and carry out home and school health visits for general ailments.

“Recently we started performing small surgery’s because the farming community does hard labour and people tend to have a lot of health problems that prevent them from doing their work well. We have also started to train local healthcare workers and pass our skills on to them so they are able to examine patients when we are not there and make proper referrals, when we are there they act as nurses to assist with the aftercare of minor surgery.”

Over the 11-month race the twelve teams carry an impressive inventory of medical supplies across the world’s oceans in case of an offshore emergency. The comprehensive kit of over 200 different types of medication and equipment such as controlled morphine and forceps supplied by Official Medical Kit Supplier for the 2013-14 editon, MedAire, is specifically designed for ocean racing in line with Maritime and Coastguard Agency regulations - as the unique challenges of the environment and sport require more than a standard off-the-shelf approach.

Due to the biennial schedule of the race the medication will expire before the 2015-16 edition of the race is complete and would have been destroyed and wasted.

“It will go a really long way to assist,” adds Yusuf.

If you would like to find out more about the Bila Community Hospital or show your support, you can contact Dr Yusuf Dala Gali, here.