Business Spotlight Seattle //  CLIPPER 2019-20 RACE


RACE 10: Sailing City Qingdao Cup

After over a month at sea, and an exceptionally close finish, with 10 yachts arriving into Port of Seattle’s Bell Harbor Marina within 12 hours, WTC Logistics claimed the win in Race 10: Sailing City • Qingdao Cup. The team, led by Skipper Dan Jones and First Mate Ineke van der Weijden, clinched victory in the 6100nm race from the Philippines to Seattle, where they battled tough conditions for over 36 days.

The Race Crew, from all walks of life, have battled intense, tough conditions in one of the most inhospitable places on earth - the North Pacific Ocean. The teams faced a whole host of challenges, from the blistering heat of the tropics, relentless upwind sailing, huge waves, frigid temperatures and winds of over 50 knots. The diverse crew sailed around the clock to race across the largest body of water on the planet, and a place that not many sailors get to experience.

It was a nail-biting few days as the fleet approached the Finish Line. After some great conditions, just days from the finish, the wind dropped and the fleet frontrunners were becalmed just 100 nautical miles (nm) from the Finish Line. Click below to read how the final few days played out.


Until Race Start : The Atlantic Homecoming Leg