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The route shown is indicative. Clipper 2023-24 Race ports, race route, estimated days racing and additional information will be confirmed at a future date.

Leg 1
The Atlantic Trade Winds Leg

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After experiencing the emotions of saying goodbye to loved ones, the start of this epic 40,000 nautical mile adventure round the world is here.

Ahead is the first major ocean crossing, the Atlantic. Routing towards the Canaries, the weather becomes warmer as you seek the Trade Winds to take you towards the Equator. Warm sun, constant breeze and long days with the spinnaker flying; expect to break boat speeds of 30 knots.

The first key tactical decision is whether to pass the Canaries to port, starboard or go through the middle of the islands. The surrounding mountains can create a wind shadow for several hundred miles - get it wrong and you will feel the frustration of snail pace sailing.

The Trade Winds come as a great relief but up ahead another challenge awaits; the dreaded Doldrums with fickle wind holes and sudden squalls that will test your patience to the full. Taking time out to acknowledge King Neptune as you go from the Northern to the Southern Hemisphere, the breeze returns but there are counter currents to avoid before South America appears over the horizon.

A famous Latin welcome is a fitting reward to celebrate your amazing achievement!


The Clipper Round the World Yacht Race is the only event of its type. Anyone, even if they have never stepped on a boat before, can join the adventure.

Leg 11
2 Races
10°C – 30°C
mi / 12,000km
at Sea

Whether a marathon tactical battle across the world’s oceans or a drag-race sprint from start to finish, this is the number of days you can expect to be racing.

Countries Visited

A drag race sprint from start to finish line or a marathon tactical battle across the world’s largest oceans enduring weeks at sea; each of the 14 races provides a unique challenge to each and every crew member.

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