Another day another few miles under the keel, not much going on, the lead boats getting further in the lead. The great big parking lot that we thought was going to happen doesn’t look as bad as it did originally.

Not too much going on, kite is up and it’s been nice sailing, I used to hate it when it was all grey, but than a good friend of mine said, “it’s nature still, just different” so now I look at it differently. Mother Nature in all her forms is pretty cool (but secretly I still prefer blue skies and warmth).

Hard to believe that this last ocean crossing is nearly done, still even harder to believe now is that we are having problems with boat speed. I changed to my lucky crocs and even my lucky sunnies and that didn’t seem to help, still scratching my head over it.

No visits from helicopters today, so all quiet in the skies. Not too much else going on

How’s the serenity?

Love youse all.