Today the crew made the biggest mistake of the entire race. I asked for the wind seeker to be hoisted (this is the sail we use when the wind is very light), but instead they hoisted the wind hole seeker, and yes we found a huge wind hole.

The day has been spent trying to keep the boat moving without any wind, not an easy feat but we have crawled along.

To top it all off, most of us are blind. The sun going down was absolutely stunning, the clouds were above the horizon with the sun dropping below them, all on watch were staring at the sun watching for the green flash, we sort of saw it, but it was more of a green smudge, but now we can’t see, as I’m typing I’m seeing black trees before my eyes.

All this is being done to a running commentary by Badger aka Tom Stanley aka the driest man in the world, so even though we are having an absolute Barry Crocker of a race we are still laughing, if only laughter could be turned into wind.

We are all keeping an eye on one another for signs of losing the plot, I think it started in the galley at dinner time, when you were asked by HP what you would like for dinner. We didn’t know there was a choice there is usually no choice, but it appeared today that as long as you asked for bangers and mash all was good.

Derry-Londonderry seems a long way away. Oh yes, it still is, but at least we are saving our livers, as Glenngineer (Glenn Manchett) said all will be forgotten once we have that first beer, Guinness, or wine.

We are bobbing around on this mighty ocean and I couldn’t think of a nicer group of people to be doing it with, we are positive, we are still having fun and we will get to Derry and have an awesome time.

After that amazing sunset last night, the sky between the horizon and the low cloud base, had a bright orange glow even at 1200 UTC, really quite amazing.

How’s the serenity?

Love youse all,