Well, hopefully this will be my last blog for this race, we only have about 50 nautical miles to the finish.

In typical race finish fashion, it will be a close finish between us and Nasdaq (hi Rob), they are currently a couple of miles behind us, but sometimes they are faster, sometimes we are...

Must be getting close to the British Isles as it is grey, very grey and a bit drizzly. So, this is our last ocean crossing drawing to an end. It’s been a different sort of race, I don’t think I have ever reached as much as this, been tough not being fast and watching boats we normally are faster than pull away from us, it’s been a bit sad, no more days out on the big blue, I really do love just being out on the ocean. Sad to think this big adventure is nearing its end.

Breakfast is calling, better keep an eye on boat speed and last of all keep a look out for land.

Thanks for reading and supporting us, we will be back, hopefully as fast as we have been in the past.

How’s the serenity?

Love youse all.


Until Race Start : The Atlantic Trade Winds Leg Map + Race Standings